[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Mugen Styles – Another Mixtape Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Verse 1]
Here I go again/
Throwin’ caution to the wind/
Getting in my two cents/
Often loftin’ my knowledge/
I gotta soften a solid blow/
Spitting vicious, the audience is coughing/
Must be causing the oxygen to get low/
Head to toe, yes I glow/
And that flow leave you comatose/
Got what I got, but I make the most/
On fire, he about roast em/
Coast to coast, from the city to the slums/
Pretty shitty, but what’s done is done/
No use being unnnder the weather/
I can rap slow as a turtle/
Fast as a ninja/
I’m the shredder to your splinta/
I’m cold as stone/
I’m like winter/
In Game of Thrones/
Like Attack of the Clones/
We on the second episode/
Just some garage kids/
Who found Lyoko/
That’s my entourage/
But mostly I roll solo/

[Verse 2]
If I’m a cholo/
She my hyna/
If I’m north/
She could be my Carolina/
She the great wall/
Protecting all my China/
If she’s Fall/
Then I’m Winter cause I follow right behind her/
She so major/
Make me feel like I’m a minor/
Like “excuse me/
I’mma need to see your ID sir”/
Cut to a forest fire, leaves smoking, I just let it burn/
Provoke the flames, taking turns hitting tree/
Not deciduous, all year with the evergreen/
Everdeen like Katniss, I don’t miss, I’m on point/
Home run they say I’m writing with the ball point/
Collect call, coming straight from the joint/
Put me behind bars cause my bars are too bizarre/
Rap game golf, making hits, all below par/
So far, 18, I drop a mixtape/
30 tracks, 9/11 the release date/
In da present, got a full plate/
19, drop another mixtape/

[Verse 3]
Fixated on greatness, making the best I can/
Expand your mind like excellent mescaline/
Progressing, lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Mugen Styles – Another Mixtape Lyrics download mp3 old shit turned new/
My music the testament/
Putting myself, a young god in view/
You can read about it, listen to it, or watch it/
Janitor status, mopping floors with these fools/
I’m thinking front page, looking at the bigger picture/
Put my face in the frames, the figures in my hands/
Yeah bands’ll make her dance/
But mugen’ll cord kord chord Mugen Styles – Another Mixtape Lyrics kunci gitar make her swallow/
Skin like a greek god/
And chords Mugen Styles – Another Mixtape Lyrics lyrics if I was one, I would be Apollo/
Head bob, fall low into the crowd/
Follow the music, I’m feeling the sound/
Drowning in waves of vibration/
I’m stationed, up in the zone/
Waiting on my owwwn self/

[Verse 4]
Like get it together/
Grow to be better/
Forever a possessor of cleverness/
However the pressure can cause things to go amiss/
Golden bliss, roll a swish/
Holdin’ a list of shit I gotta accomplish/
No wishin’, my vision was written in fate/
Boy I won’t lie the moirai on my side/
Take life for a drive, more a joyride/
Cast aside any snide remarks/
Sparks of light, my heart ignites/
Far from a star, but my future invites me/
All I’m seeing is victory, nike’s on my side/
Changing history with every stride that I take/
It’s do or die, so I’ll do what I gotta do to make it/