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[Intro: Joell Ortiz]
Ay do me a solid my nigga
Look up under the kitchen sink and grab that brown bucket
Yeah yeah, yeah that’s it
Good lookin my nigga
Ay, pull that shade down

[Chorus One: Joell Ortiz]
Water, jar, coke, soda
Fire, pot, stir, slower
Ice, fluff, whip, boulder
Dry, cut, bag, OVER!

[Joell Ortiz]
Don’t tell me that it’s mad hot
Baby boy you on the grind, find a back block
Cop a hoopty, go see Louie for a stash box
I’m posted up until they come and get this last rock
I toast it up with my niggaz on the strip with me
Pour some out for my good niggaz that’s history
Man, I don’t check the mail without the fifth with me
It’s sixteen in that thing and it spit fully!
We out here runnin from the man, duckin all them vans
Takin care of all the homies stuck up in the can
Sittin in somebody kitchen cuttin up these grams
If, you ain’t never seen it boy you wouldn’t understand
Safe in that stash house tuckin all them cord kord chord Joell Ortiz - Crack Spot lyrics kunci gitar bands
Hoodrats watchin but we pluckin on they hands
Money over hoes, nigga G’s up
Lawyer money, pocket money and that re-up

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Joell Ortiz]
Jackpot, I run the crack spot
Fiends runnin back and forth to get these blacktops (Yaowa)
Jackpot, I run the crack spot
Nobody leavin ’til they finished with that last rock

[Joell Ortiz]
Ain’t a damn thang change, I’m out here gettin change
It’s a part of the game, boy I’m out here in the rain
The hood know my name, boy and my shit ring
Since I don’t play no games, boy I let that shit ring
It’s rules to this shit, a step-by-step booklet to get yo’ game on track
Not yo’ wig pushed back
Yeah I make that coke leave then make that shit come back
I’m Fat Joe on that stove, gotta get +Cook Crack+!
I’m tryin get it, let some fiends hit it
Let ’em lean wit it, make sure they beam wit it
If they become a Rocket, then we Hakeem wit lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Joell Ortiz - Crack Spot lyrics download mp3 it
Post up e’rywhere and live that dream wit it
Hurricane Sandy, I flood the scene wit it
Yo’ white girl dirty, my baby clean wit it
Environmentalist, look I’m gettin green wit it
And it’s never over, when everything’s finished

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Joell Ortiz]
Uhh, I see you gettin paper, see you out here trappin
But if you ain’t on my team, anything can happen
I ain’t out here rappin to be rappin
I’m rappin cause this is a new way of trappin, baby boy I get it crackin
Get ya head busted, get ya face smacked in
Ya boy’s so hood, my old lady packin
Anyway, back to that trap, I ain’t slackin
Just got a new package and broke it into fractions!
Got the block jumpin, Blake Griffin action
You got ’em like CP3, they all passin
You ain’t got that fire, you sellin wet matches
I don’t chords Joell Ortiz - Crack Spot lyrics lyrics sell duds, e’rybody blasted
Don’t hate me homie, don’t hate the game
Hate yo’ connect homie, he gave you the ‘caine
Or maybe it’s yo’ wack whip game that’s to blame
Or maybe it’s just me motherfucker, I do my thaaaang!

[Chorus Two]

[Outro: Joell Ortiz]
Okay now, see this?
THIS is what I’m talkin about
Ay nigga taste that, HE-YEAH!

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