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[Intro: Npk Twice]
“Npk twice”
Yow… Npk
Rhyme fest
West rand…

[Chorus: Jay Dee]
Cos I love her
More and more
Every time I sea her
She’s the one that I run too
Whenever I’m alone an I need her
Cos I love her
More and more
Every time I sea her
She’s the one that I run too
Whenever I’m alone an I need her

[Verse: Npk Twice]
They say no1 is perfect then you must be close to it
Where are your wing’s gal cos your an ‘angel’
Beauty is ‘insured’ it has to be clientele…
Discus your deep secretes with me I won’t tell…
Got me thinking I met you in another time
Either way its clear that you where destined to be mine
Was a boy chords Npk Twice - I Love Her lyrics lyrics your love turned me into a man,she’s
mrs independent doesn’t depend on a man…
She’s mrs independent doesn’t depend on no man…
You mus’ be a superstar cos I’m a huge fan
Always wanna be around you anyway that I can…
Got legs but can’t stand being away from you…
‘Love and loyalty’ that’s what I only ask from you…
Blothcloth rush every time I’m with her
Its no secrete I can’t live without her
She was a friend of a friend, now mine at the end …
Compare her to none man she’s grand
Call her every midnight ,jus to say ‘sleep tight’


[Verse: Npk Twice]
Bones grow old,man grow bold,goods are sold & stories unfold
Winter is all cold,but our love is treasure like gold…
Hearts could only beat for a while
Feet could only walk for a mile
Clothes won’t forever be in style
But loving you is forever worthwhile…
My drop of blood fell in the ocean boo
If I can find it maybe I can stop loving you
Until then its something I couldn’t do
Your my 3 subtract 2 number one
You stole my heart ya looks are to blame
Ain’t a vuvuzela but dang gal you blow me away
No gps for my mouth lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Npk Twice - I Love Her lyrics download mp3 I’m cord kord chord Npk Twice - I Love Her lyrics kunci gitar lost for words to say…
I love everything about you,ya giggle and smile
Your sense of humor and unique style…
Man I love her & she knows
Man I love her & it shows
And I tell it through this flows
And I hope everybody knows
To make way for us,me and my girl mrs twice….

[Verse 3: Npk Twice]
Like the 2nd day of the 3rd month I love her “2 much”
She’s so sweat she’s my desert & lunch…
Heard you think I’m the one hope its true
Internal bliss I always feel after I kiss you…
Want the good life hope to share it with you
Wanna travel the world hope you want that to
She’s confident always speaks her mind…
She’s peculiar she’s her own kind…
Always drives me crazy got the keys to my mind…
Like Mansions in the hood,her type hard to find…
Always diss rappers,so I won’t disappoint her…
She sticks in my mind like paste line glue
I’m week but very strong in her eyes
Sometimes we don’t get along because of
different views…


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